3 Reasons to Quickly make a Furnace Repair Call

When it comes to the reliable and safe operation of your furnace, there are certain things that should never be ignored. If you notice one or more of the following signs, contact a heating contractor as soon as possible.

1. More noise than usual: All furnaces make some noise whenever they kick on and off, and ducts expand and contract. Listen of persistent, out-of-the-ordinary sounds. Rattling and vibrating could be something as simple as a loose panel, or it could mean the heat exchanger is cracked. A damaged exchanger leaks toxins into the air. Scraping sounds mean the ball bearings in the blower are worn out. In this instance, turn off your furnace so as not to cause more damage. If you hear high-pitched squealing it could be that the bearings need lubrication, or that the blower belt is frayed or coming loose.

2. Yellow pilot light: Normally, the color of the pilot light is blue. If you notice it’s yellow, it means the gas in the furnace isn’t combusting completely, most likely due to poor airflow. There’s the possibility that carbon monoxide could start leaking into your house. Also keep an eye out for soot streaks near the furnace, excessive moisture on surfaces in the house, and excessive amounts of rust on pipes and ducts around the furnace. 

3. Thermostat problems: If your furnace doesn’t come on when you adjust the dial, or runs irregularly no matter where you set the dial, the thermostat itself may be faulty. Some rooms may be too hot, or too cold. Other possible causes are leaks in the ductwork, or a problem with the pilot light. 

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