11 Air Conditioning Myths that are Costing you Money

What are the Biggest Air Conditioning Myths Costing You Money? Your Home Will Cool Faster by Turning Your Thermostat Way Down Cooling a room or your home will always be a matter of time. Even if you set the thermostat at the lowest possible setting, your AC unit will continue to run at the same...

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An Introduction to SEER and Efficiency

What should you know before purchasing your next central air conditioner? This is a very important question and with that in mind, we will examine rated efficiency and important considerations to make sure your installed efficiency doesn’t suffer. What is SEER? Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio...

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Saving Money on Your HVAC System

A Guide to AC and Heating Rebates & Incentives When you’re looking for a new air conditioning or heating system, it is important to factor in the total cost of ownership, not just the initial sticker price. Here are a few points to consider: Higher efficiency units cost more, but can result in...

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How Your Air Conditioner Works

Understanding AC Systems: A Behind-the-Scenes Look While most people associate air conditioning with cold, the science behind making your home cooler actually deals with the transfer of heat. When that heat is lost, or removed, the remaining cold air cools your home.  In order to understand this...

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Introduction to Your Furnace System

Are some Furnaces better than others? Given the times with internet search, homeowners can search for information and value in any household purchase they make. Searching for a furnace is no different. When it comes time to replace your furnace, you want your equipment to work while minimizing...

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Electric vs. Gas

Electric vs. Gas: Which Type of Furnace is More Efficient? If it’s this late into the winter season and you’re just now looking into having a new heater installed, chances are that something happened to your current one—and you’re in a bit of a rush to replace it. We get it. You want to get back...

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Improve Indoor Air Quality

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Part 1: Sterilization With people spending more time indoors than ever before, concerns over indoor air quality and its potential effects on health and wellness have also grown. Oftentimes, when you hear about improving indoor air quality, you hear about air...

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