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Indoor air quality is an important aspect of health in your home. Indoor air quality control can contribute to your quality of life and the health of your family. At Polar Bear Heating & Air in Ashland KY and Polar Bear Heating & Air in Paintsville KY, we can examine and evaluate the air quality in your home and provide solutions and control for poor air quality. Controlling the quality of your indoor air will also help keep your heating and air systems clean and functioning efficiently.  

Poor air quality can account for a number of ailments.

  • headaches
  • sinus problems
  • allergy triggers
  • fatigue

Any number of factors, such as mold and mildew, stored chemicals, cracked heat exchangers, and more, can cause poor indoor air quality in your residence. The air pollution in our homes can be as much as 70% higher than air pollution outdoors. Decreasing allergy and respiratory symptoms, as well as increasing the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC systems, begins with increasing your home’s indoor air quality. 

If you want to secure a healthy environment for your home, the indoor air quality control experts at Polar Bear Heating & Air can help. Call today to schedule your indoor air quality evaluation and begin to take charge of health in your home. If our qualified experts discover problems with the indoor air quality of your home, we can assist you in making the best decision about how to resolve the problems and improve your indoor air quality. Contact Polar Bear today by calling 866-625-2327 or Schedule an Appointment Today.

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