When the summer heat comes beating down, your residential facility needs an efficient cooling system. Before the chilly winter air starts creeping out, you want to know that your place of business will be properly heated. The experts at Polar Bear Heating & Air in Ashland KY and Polar Bear Heating & Air in Paintsville are here to make that happen with our residential HVAC inspection services. Our residential HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) inspection services can ensure that your residential HVAC is ready for the summer heat and the winter cold. Inspecting your residential HVAC, diagnosing any problems, and providing tune-ups and repairs ensure that you will experience a comfortable season in your residential facility. Polar Bear Heating & Air provides top quality residential HVAC inspection services, so you can rest easy about the dependability of your unit.

We provide a number of services for residential HVAC systems.

  • HVAC inspection
  • HVAC maintenance
  • HVAC repair
  • HVAC replacement
  • Air quality services
  • Emergency HVAC services

At Polar Bear Heating & Air of Ashland KY and Polar Bear Heating & Air in Paintsville, we are dedicated to creating comfort for your residential facility. No matter what your residential HVAC related needs, the qualified team at Polar Bear Heating & Air can offer the solution. We offer a variety of services related to HVAC for residential clients. Here in Kentucky, we experience all four seasons to the fullest. You need reliable heating and air units to ensure that your residential facility stays cool in the muggy summers, as well as warm in the freezing winters. Polar Bear Heating & Air is here to help

Call Polar Bear Heating & Air today for a residential HVAC inspection, and ensure comfort for your business all year round. Whether your HVAC system needs replaced, repaired, or are just in need of general preventative maintenance, Polar Bear Heating & Air in Ashland KY is here to help. Contact Polar Bear today by calling 866-625-2327 or by Schedule an Appointment Today.


They say there is no better advertising than “word of mouth”.  At Polar Bear Heating & Air in Ashland, KY and Polar Bear Heating & Air in Paintsville, KY, we takes this seriously as you have entrusted your friends and family to us. In addition, this type of lead keeps our advertising costs down, and we pass the savings on to our valued clients!

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